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Heart Cane page 1

This tutorial will show how a jelly-roll Skinner blend can be used to make a heart design cane with a dimensional look.
Step 1
Make a jelly-roll Skinner blend and cut a short length from it. Save a small portion of the lightest color that you used in the blend to be used in a later step.
Step 2
Cut the top of the cane off as shown using a thin flexible tissue blade. Try to bend the blade to follow the curve of the jelly-roll's layers. Be carefull when bending the blade this tightly because the blade can snap!! Steps 2-5 can be skipped for a simpler version of this cane.
Step 3
Roll a small portion of the light colored clay saved in step one into a thin sheet. Cut a pair of strips from the sheet, angling the blade as you cut to give the strip a bevel as shown in the strip on the left. Round off the bevel, like the strip pictured on the right using a suitable tool or finger.
Step 4
Place the strips, at about a 11 o'clock and 1 o'clock position, rounded side up, onto the bottom half of the cane obtained after making the cut in step 2.
Step 5
Replace the top of the cane that was cut off in step 2. When you rejoin the pieces try to align them so the color is as seamless as possible.
Step 6
Carefully cut the cane in half through its length between the two strips..
Step 7
Shape the bottom of each half into a taper.
Step 8
Round off the top of the heart by shaping the top edge around towards the center of the design. As you do this, trim with a blade so that the surface is flat where the two halves will join.
Step 9
Do the shaping carefully, so that each half is about the same where they will join..
Step 10
Assemble the two halves, taking care to match the color bands along the length of the cane.

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