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In this part of the website, step by step tutorials will show you how to create polymer clay canes using a pasta machine and a few simple tools. These tutorials are written using the sheet thickness settings as found on the Atlas brand pasta machine (setting #1 being the thickest and setting #9 being the thinnest). Any brand of pasta machine can be used, just be aware that some brands may have the numbering reversed. A nice addition to the pasta machine, though not always required, is the pasta machine motor. The motor offers the benefit of having both hands free to handle longer sheets of clay as you pass them through the pasta machine. The other basic tools that you will need include a suitable work surface, a tissue blade, a clay knife, an acrylic brayer, a round acrylic rod, and a ruler. If you already work with polymer clay, you probably have these things in your toolbox and are ready to go. Before starting any tutorial, I suggest reading through the steps to get an idea of what you will be doing and the colors and amounts of clay that will be needed. I use Fimo classic, but any of the firmer polymer clay brands (eg. Kato or Premo brands) should be suitable.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or examples of your work, feel free to contact me.


Geometric Canes
Zig Zag Illusion Cane
Peace Cane
Heart Cane